Lead Balls for Trigger Cannon™


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These lead balls are made to fit all of our trigger cannons™  & Black Powder cannons. We offer .17, .22. .31 and .32 Cal sizes. Please note that .22 comes standard on the Gen1 trigger cannons™. .17,  .31 and .32 are optional.

Our lead fits snug in all of our mini cannons.

Please Note: All Gen2 Trigger Cannons (and Gen1 .32 Cal Stainless steel barrel) will only work with .32 Cal lead and All .31 Cal Black Powder Cannons MUST use .31 Cal lead balls.

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.17 Caliber (pack of 50), .22 Caliber (pack of 50), .31 Caliber (pack of 25), .32 caliber (pack of 25) Stainless steel barrels ONLY

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