12 Gauge Perimeter Alarms (Trip Wire Devices)

Q. Can you use a loaded shotgun shell in the 12 ga. perimeter alarm?
A. Yes, it will go off but it is NOT recommended. We recommend only using shells we have designed for
the 12 ga. perimeter alarm.

Q.What can the 12 ga. perimeter alarm be used for?
A. The 12 ga. perimeter alarm can be used for signaling and/or deterring intruders of all kinds of human and
animal around your home, farm, garage, and campsites.

Q. What kind of shells can be used in the 12 ga perimeter alarms?
A. We sell Popper blanks for signaling, Pepper gas blanks for deterring intruders and Flashbang blanks
for signaling as well as deterring and disorientation of the intruder.

Q. Can you use other types of signaling devices with the 12 ga. perimeter alarm?
A. Yes, we have created a Primer Adapter for our 12 ga. perimeter alarms that allow for use of any 209
shotshell primer by itself.

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