Trigger Cannon™ GEN II – RED Base


New an improved second generation Trigger Cannon

Comes standard with .22 Caliber barrel. This new revised Trigger Cannon offers all the same great advantages as the Original Trigger Cannon.

Lead Balls

Purchase Lead Ball Ammo with your Trigger Cannon

Barrel Size

Select additional barrel size(s)

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Real shooting miniature cannon shoots lead balls
Can be used for signal only
Screws down to any surface with screw included
Trigger assembly with pull pin to fire
No fuse or powder needed to fire cannon,
Uses Cheap and easy to acquire 209 shotgun Primers
Easy Barrel adjustment
Easy to disassemble for cleaning

Stronger and better Gen 2 with more features over original Gen 1 Trigger Cannon.


New features include

1. Super strong Stainless steel barrels
2. Easier to use safer ribbon cocking mechanism
3. Easy-adjust thumb tightening
4. New 90 or 45-degree firing pin positions
5. Sleek Trigger Cannon etching

*** We recommend using Winchester Triple Seven primers unless you have a lvl 2 spring. using a more powerful primer with the original spring may cause the firing pin to jam***

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