Wireless, infrared waterproof solar powered Trip alarm



New affordable wireless, infrared waterproof solar powered alarm.

SO EASY to use even your grandmother could use it. Its as simple as 1,2,3

Are you having trouble with intruders or animals?
Maybe your garden gets intruded by dear and other animals? We at TriggerCannons now have a brand new wireless, infrared, solar powered alarm that you put in place and leave it be, let it do its thing. Has flashing light with 2 different settings. Either select loud 120 Decibels alarm to alert of intruder or silent ultrasonic for animals. Comes complete with mini USB charger cable, Rechargeable batteries, Ground Spike & Instructions.


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  1. Steve G

    Sounds like you did not charge the unit before you put it outside. we had that problem with one of them as well. YOU MUST fully charge it before setting it up outside.

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