Single Shot 15mm Launcher


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  • Affordable handheld pyrotechnic scare launcher for bird control or bear deterrent.
  • Faster firing and safer than pen-gun style pyrotechnic launchers.
  • Fires all 15mm Pyrotechnic Scare Cartridges.

Simple, rugged, and affordable The Single-Shot Launcher fires all of our 15mm Pyrotechnic Scare Cartridges. The launcher uses 6mm blanks (#6050) to propel the scare cartridges. The Single-shot launcher is an affordable launcher to protect small farms from bird damage, or used as a back-up launcher for a larger bird control operation. Pyrotechnic scare cartridges also function as an emergency signal.

Ideal for hikers, paddlers, hunters, and backpackers as a bear deterrent or for farmers to prevent crop-damage caused by birds. The lightweight launcher is easy to use and blanks can be safely pre-loaded for faster firing when you need it. The lightweight Launcher is ideal to take into bear country.

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